The Happening, Ghostwriter

9:30 pm, Sunday November 13 | Cover
Tonic Lounge
3100 NE Sandy Blvd.
[GIRL GRUNGE GREATNESS] All-lady trio the Happening is the latest musical endeavor by former Swallows guitarist-vocalist Em Brownlowe. Where her former group felt spare and sometimes shaky, this new outfit has a confident steely edge. And, as heard on the band's debut cassette release, Piranha, it openly embraces the oft-forgotten influence of 90s groups like 7 Year Bitch and the Gits, girl-rock bands that flew in the face of the hyper-masculine wave of grunge. The band will be contrasted nobly by the one-man blues-folk-punk explosion Ghostwriter, who has finally decided to make the move from The Dalles to our fair city.

Where: Tonic Lounge
Phone: 238-0543
Address: 3100 NE Sandy Blvd.

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