DUSTED. Dusted Features: STILL SINGLE   Vol. 5, No. 7 (June, 2009)

Ghostwriter – Wreck the City LP (End of the West)

Simplify your life! Wreck the city! Steve Schecter (Billy Swamp, The Standards, End Of The West) has been described as ‘anarcho cow-punk’ or a ‘one-man existential blues machine’ which are both crap. Nick Cave likes Ghostwriter and the reason is because this is Texas music with a backbone. Schecter hacks and hollers through most of ‘em and a few old ones bookend the album (“Mobile Line,” “There Ought to Be a Law Against Sunny Southern California”). “Blue Eyed Girl” is a poison chantey to faded, lost love. “Breaking Point” could be a work song, working class angst meets the back alleys of Austin: “don’t worry, baby / I’m gonna wreck this city / I’m gonna blow ‘em all away / I’m gonna find us a life worth living / I swear I’ll pull us out of this waste”. Schecter’s growl never loosens its grip. The hillbilly renaissance typically doesn’t stray too far from the template, but Ghostwriter expands into a song and lets it bleed. “Captain” is a good example of this tortured one man garage band that can self-flagellatingly ask who is the boss, who’s in charge, and does he know Jesus. Thankfully, Ghostwriter is also a consummate entertainer. “Pills” is a great Bo Diddley cover telling the timeless tale of a gent, down for the count, in a hospital being looked after by a “rock ‘n’ roll nurse”. She gives shots, pills and knows where it hurts. Ghostwriter has relocated to central Oregon, performing in the Northwest primarily, but with any luck there will be a lot more to hear and news to report soon.       (Steven J. Knezevich)

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