-  Label: 'End of the West Recordings'
-  Genre: 'Blues' -  Release Date: '29th January 2008'-  Catalogue No: 'ETW 3'

Our Rating:
Billed as a primal collaborative exercise in post-punk blues esoterrorism, Oregon one-man band Ghostwriter and Texas trio Boxcar Satan join forces for no holds barred blast of filth and fury.   

Don't expect any tracks to make the Radio 2 playlist.

With twin growling crooners Steve Scheecter (aka Ghostwriter) and Boxcar Satan's Sanford Allen trying to out-Beefheart each other, this is how the blues should sound - dirty down and claustrophobic in its intensity.

The rugged charm is captured in a raw live recording that from conception to realisation was done and dusted inside for days.

There's an abrasive misanthropy at its heart redeemed by a pitch black humour. The chaingang holler of 'Blood On My Mind (I wiped the blood from my hands but there's still blood on my mind) is a revenge song in the classic tradition and the venom is brought up to date with the next track - 'Yuppie'.

At times the album is too predictably unconventional and the bleak vision is pretty relentless over the course of the 13 tracks.

Still the unbridled rage of tracks like 'Disarray' or 'I Got Back' and rockabilly energy of 'Blaze's Blues' make it a of foul, stinking swamp that well worth dipping your toes into.

13t 52.27m (incl. 2m hidden track)
  author: Martin Raybould

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