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National CD Reviews Dec. 2007

Ghost Writer
Darkest Hour
End Of the West
Street: 03.06

Ghost Writer = Tom Waits + Hasil Attkins
I have to admit that this was a hard call, because there is nothing pleasurable-sounding about these 10 songs, even though this record is so original. Ghost Writer is a one-man band consisting of a roots-blues guitar, pounded-out percussion from a foot pedal attached to a tambourine, and harsh, gravel-throated vocals. The music is just so startling, but maybe that's the purpose, to force you into the song; to give you almost no choice to listen to him. Tracks like "Clock" and "Blue Eyed Girl" seem to go on too long past making his point known. All in all, the record leaves you behind. While all the songs sound similar, the lyrics are lost in a seaof raspy vocals and grinding, tired guitar. The concept of a lone guitarist pounding out rhythms and screaming the blues is quite promising, but the product just leaves me wanting more. -James Orme

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