Roctober Reviews:

Monday, December 3, 2012

Ghostwriter “Prayin’ All the Time”

If some voices can be described as fingernails on a blackboard, Ghostwriter’s voice can be described as the sonic equivalent of fingernails digging their way out of a grave. And every one of his creepy, haunted folk songs has the weirdly thrilling impact of that moment when the hand bursts through the dirt, looking for revenge! This one man band sings about Jesus, Satan, Samson, bluebirds, and a time machine, so I’m super satisfied (that’s basically my whole checklist). y only disappointment is that he has a song called “Smoke & Diesel,” and I liked it a lot better before I looked at the track listing, when I thought he was “smokin’ diesel in the woods.” Now that would be hard core!

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