Rochester City Newspaper 11-21-07

ROCK: Ghostwriter (11/27)

Published by Frank De Blase on Nov 21, 2007
Ghostwriter rides alone. Stripped bare to voice, guitar, and lament, he waxes apocalyptic and noir. Maybe it's the company he keeps. The first time I saw this Austin cat, he was warming up for the equally dark and romantic crooner Dexter Romwebber, formerly of Flat Duo Jet. Ghostwriter rants and strums in the cracks between anti-folk and punk. Ghostwriter - with his dark rants, raw guitar, and lone-gunman stance - can claim membership to both genres. You can, too. first step is to check him out.


Bug Jar, 219 Monroe Ave

Tuesday, November 27

8 p.m. | $6-$8 | 454-2966

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