PEACEDOGMAN March, 29th 2008

Rating: 4/5

Apparently “after sharing stages during their respective travels, Oregon one-man-band Ghostwriter and Texas trio BOXCAR SATAN developed an admiration for each other’s decidedly postmodern/post-punk take on the blues” says it all - almost. The marriage of these two could be that link between CAPTAIN BEEFHEART and THE BIRTHDAY PARTY. Somehow this collaboration happened in just a few days. It makes one wonder what the possibilities could be if they lived in the same town (GHOSTWRITER was in town during a layover from touring).

I could easily listen to two more albums of this right now, as I’ve played this three times today. The rasp of BOXCAR SATAN's Sandford Allen opens the album with the powerful bombast of “Dead Man’s Hand”. The vocalist’s styles, albeit somewhat similar, add to the overall diversity in dynamics here. GHOSTWRITER’s “People” is very truthfully entertaining and his “Traveling Man” could be a KILLDOZER tune if I didn’t know better. They both come together to share vocal duties on Dylan's “Serve Somebody” and “Blaze’s Blues”. From the chain gang call-and-response of “Blood On My Mind” to the banjo bedazzle of the carnival music-like “Circus”, this album's trinkets are plentiful. “Jesus Christ” is practically homage to TOM WAITS. I could go on but I won’t. Bye.

-Paul Herring

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