UP & COMING: Friday Feb. 27th. '09


(The World Famous Kenton Club, 2025 N Kilpatrick) Ghostwriter is Steve Schecter, a one-man junk-folk-blues act with knitting-needle guitar, footstomp percussion, and a holler that sounds like a less lysergic Captain Beefheart. Ghostwriter was handpicked to open for Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds at the Crystal Ballroom last September, and the recent Wreck the City/Simplify Your Life vinyl record is about as backwoods as it gets, with chicken-cluck banjo, country fiddle, and a hint of genteel majesty. But Schecter has darker things on his mind, and a black mood of exhaustion pervades the music. The Dalles resident spent some time in Austin before finding himself back in Oregon, and Ghostwriter sounds like the miles of road dust underneath his fingernails. NL


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