Darkest Hour
End of the West
Steve Schecter, a.k.a. Ghostwriter, is a one-man band with a switchblade growl and a taste for punk-fueled country, rockabilly, and blues. The aptly named Darkest Hour is an intense and angry trip into Schecter’s raw outsider observations. He sings, plays guitar, banjo, and harmonica, keeps foot percussion, and makes one hell of a nasty racket. Dissatisfaction, delivered with barb-wired honesty, runs through most of the album from “Cooked“ to “Kinship to Truckers.” But Schecter actually gets somewhat “poppy“ (a relative term) on “S.O.B,” and the banjo-driven “Circus,” a nice change of pace, is thoughtfully delivered. Call it "Sunday Morning Coming Down" for folks looking for something a little more primitive.      --Andy Turner


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