The Onion-  Madison A.V. Reccomended- October 23-29 2008


Linda + Ghostwriter, High Noon Saloon, 7pm, $5

Ghostwriter, a.k.a. Steve Schecter, plays abrasive roots-rock (or maybe it’s punk-folk) using a foot-controlled percussion device and a hollow-body guitar, sometimes changing the setup with harmonica and banjo. True to his punk roots, Schecter self-releases his albums—like 2006’s Darkest Hour—and tours relentlessly. Although Schecter plays alone, he makes a racket—but it’s the kind that’s sure to be more than welcome here. On the new album Wreck The City/Simplify Your Life, he stays doggedly gritty and gothic with tracks like “There Oughta Be A Law Against Sunny Southern California.” Also playing: Linda.

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