CD Reviews: June 2008

band: boxcar Satan + Ghostwriter
title: Hobo Nouveau
format: cd
label: End of the west/Dogfingers

reviewer: david de decker

The last time I reviewed a Boxcar Satan split cd I wasn't really satisfied with it, so I crossed my fingers while listening to this abum for the first time. But there's 2 thing I learned from that experience:

1. This is NOT a split CD, but a collaboration.
2. Boxcar Satan remains a perfect band AND just added a genious as an extra member of the band.

Ghostwriter, AKA solo artist Steve Schecter wrote 4 songs on this album and they're at least as haunting and rough as the stuff I expected to hear from Boxcar Satan. This album could be considered to be the most upright dark delta-blues album you could write in 2008. This is the best album of 2008 in case you're driving home pissed because some girl in a far out country told you she doesn't love you. This is feelgood, anger and humour at the same time. It's more venom than I ever heard on a Boxcar Satan record AND a great introduction to the work of Ghostwriter. Hobo nouveau is a ride on the "you'll be robbed within minutes motherfucker, but enjoy the ride as it is" express. Steam comes out of the train, because if a train doesn't lose its steam it will explode. Same thing with the album.

As an extra both projects treat you on some great cover songs by Elder c-Charlie Beck, Bob Dylan, Merle Travis, Woody Guthrie and Townes Van Zandt. Especially the "Jesus Christ" song (Woody Guthrie) was very welcome since the last coverversion I heard from that song was a horrible U2 version. Believe me, you don't want to hear Bono fuck up that one! Better listen to Sanford Allen his haunting vocals!

Best song: Blood on my mind!

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