Indy Picks Saturday 11/08/08::

Chapel Hill
Dom Casual, Ghostwriter

The Cave—For more than a dozen years, Dom Casual's strutted about town like it owns the place, affecting an ice cool surfabilly slink dotted with moments of baroque pop shimmer, lounge-bound brass and '60s garage-pop verve. Early this year, the band released only its second album, Espanta Muerto, which further honed its retro sound. This is the band's last show with long-time guitarist Sean Murphy. Opener Ghostwriter harkens even farther back, all the way to tar-paper shacks and front porch sounds. Created by Steve Schecter six years ago, Ghostwriter's scruffy, lo-fi, blues-punk sounds like John Spencer Blues Explosion gone solo, with Schecter kvetching, "People/ Can't live with 'em/ They turn everything into some sort of schism." Plop down $5 at 10 p.m. —Chris Parker

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