American Road Music / Lo-Fi Blues

         Ghostwriter is the post-punk version of a self-accompanied singer-songwriter, often dubbed the original punk-folk troubadourGhostwriter has toured the States for over seventeen years and released nine albums on his own End of the West label. In the early years, Ghostwriter toured alongside Dex Romweber (Flat Duo Jets) and Th' Legendary Shack Shakers.  Since then he has played festivals from Sleazefest in Chapel Hill to Not the Same Old Blues Crap in London, and supported icons like Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, and T-Model Ford. Known for his visceral songwriting, intense performances, and unrelenting DIY approach, Ghostwriter continues to scour the underbelly of American music.

        Born and raised in central Oregon, Steve Schecter moved to Austin, TX. in 1996 where he formed and fronted Billy Swamp, The Standards (originally American Standards), and End of the West. By 2002, Steve Schecter started recording and touring alone as Ghostwriter. After moving back to Oregon for a few years in the interim, Schecter is again living in Austin, TX. Ghostwriter's ninth full-length album Hard Luck Live, recorded at the Hard Luck Lounge in Austin, is now available from End of the West. Keep an eye out for US tour dates supporting the new album later this year.


                "To these ears, one of the best purveyors of down and dirty blues triumphalism."

                                                                                                                            - Robert Ham, Willamette Week.


                "A one-man junk-folk-blues act with knitting-needle guitar, footstomp percussion, and a

                holler that sounds like a less lysergic Captain Beefheart."           - Ned Lannamann, Portland Mercury.


                "In the simplest description, I would have to say it's a raw, gritty, organic sound, full of heart and guts,

                and sweat and spit and backbone... 'blue-collar blues-punk,' which at once sums up the man and the artist

                pretty accurately."                                                                            - James Carlson, National Examiner.


                "Live, Ghostwriter can put the fear of God in you... unleashing some serious power through his

                minimalist approach. "                                                                      - Mark Lore, Chico News & Review.


                "A haunted road hog with a brimstone growl and guitar mixed hotter than Lucifer... imagines Nick Cave waking

                up on the wrong side of the bed, fighting cottonmouth and arrest warrants in several Southwestern states."    

                                                                                                                           - Chistopher Grey, Austin Chronicle

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