DAGGER ZINE 03/24/07

GHOSTWRITER- DARKEST HOUR- END OF THE WEST- Speaking of one man bands (see above) but where Celestial explore the jangly side of the rock scene , Oregonian Steve Schecter (who had spent many years in Austin, honing his craft ) likes his music raw n’ raspy . He recorded this 10 song record in his house. He sounds pissed and it sounds like he’s got plenty to be pissed about and trust me Steve, I am not going to be recommending the Celestial record to you anytime soon. This guy’s gutteral croon woulda made a good vocalist for Portland’s own I Can Lick Any Sonofabitch in the House if lead man Mike D. had died or something (and if the band didn’t already break up…and, by the way, there is a song on here called “S.O.B.” ). But no, Mike D. is still alive and well and Ghostwriter seems to be doing just fine. In the opener “Cooked” the guy seems at the end of his rope while on “Clock” he complains about being “stuck in some warehouse’ (and if you’ve ever worked in a warehouse then you’d know what the hell he’s talking about). He slows things down on the bluesier “Sailing” while he gets more singer-songwriter (and melodic ) on our ass in the Woody Guthrie-ish “Blue-Eyed Girl.” If you give Ghostwriter just a few minutes of your time he play his ass off for you and make you a fan. Just give him some time……come on, do it.


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