Issue #62  (August 2008)

CD Reviews:

band: Boxcar Satan + Ghostwriter
title: Hobo Nouveau
format: cd
label: End of the west/Dogfingers


The blues will never be the same. Steve Schecter, who performs as the one-man band Ghostwriter, joined forces with San Antonio's Boxcar Satan to write and record this twisted slice of Americana over four days. The results are positively phenomenal, harkening back to the days of Delta blues with a solid injection of post-punk paranoia, like a demon-possessed Robert Johnson fronting The Birthday Party. Boxcar Satan's Sanford Allen splits vocal duties with Schecter, who delivers a gravelly misanthropic sneer, while Allen intones like Captain Beefheart performing as a crazed carnival barker. On "People," Schecter spews his intense dislike of his fellow man to a rollicking Mississippi beat. "Disarray" syncopates like Scratch Acid while Allen rasps the insanities of a lonely slob. This is blues done right -- tough, mean and nasty.           

                                                                                          -Chuck. Foster


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