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Friday, February 20, 2004

Country's Gone Pop, Punk's at the Mall. Ghostwriter Makes music for Those Still Hanging On.

The scene outside the record shop window could be Nashville on the eve of apocalypse as much as it could be anywhere USA on an overcast weekday night. Inside the sidewalk level window there's a lanky fellow in a cowboy hat with an electric guitar and tapping board rigged out of an old bass drum pedal, a harmonica around his neck In a sneering way, he pours his guts out to the one or two people who have bothered to stop and listen.

This doomsday country minstrel calls himself Ghostwriter. He is also one-third of Austin, Texas outfit End of the West.

The "old west." It gets farther away every day and the damage has been done. A Ghostwriter song is an ugly ride through the dismal side of town. Old country cliches wrenched to a desolate tone that exposes their oblivion. His song 'Obliterate' carries a distortion hell bent on destruction. The hook-you-in storylines of the songs bring a loathing nature to a personal level where marriages fail, life turns to shit and that whiskey bottle ultimately becomes your best friend. So as Ghostwriter makes his way around the country with his sparse hillbilly plucking of the-end is-near sentiments, you can feel the loneliness of a cowboy riding out of his one horse town that just became a two Walmart burg. To find out more about the CD "As I Go Alone" e-mail: or write Ghostwriter / 2007 E. 14th -B / Austin, TX 78702.

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