GHOSTWRITER Nov. 9 - BEERLAND- The Creepout Showcase at Beerland is billed as a night of one-man bands, but don’t tell that to Steve Schecter (aka Ghostwriter). He seems adamant that he’s not a one-man band but just a solo artist. I’m inclined to let him call himself whatever he wants, because, frankly, he scares the hell out me. Imagine Scott Biram with a grittier, dirtier voice and even more fuck-the-world apocalyptic attitude, you might be close. With his abrasive strumming and even more abrasive lyrics, if Schecter ever actually teamed up all hell just might break loose. Thank God they’re one-man ban…er, solo performers.

Banjos have rarely received such a beating as on songs like “Preacher’s Daughter” off of 2004’s Road Angels and Torrential Rain, and Ghostwriter’s latest album, Darkest Hours, continues to plunge oblique depths both psychological and social. His gruesome and grudging blues rants are minimal, but howled out with a ferociousness and dark lyricism of Nick Cave left to flail at his demons alone. There’s rarely any let-up to Ghostwriter’s punishing ferocity – perhaps the one thing that separates him most from Biram – but if you can stand the fury, the sound is unforgettable.


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